DSK Legal is a firm that keeps growing and growing and growing. We don’t believe that there is a “DSK Legal stereotype” rather, our people are as diverse as the work they do. Besides being hard working and highly motivated, our advocates are team players. At DSK Legal not only will you find sharp thinkers but will also find our advocates engaging in a healthy sense of humor.

We work closely with our clients, and build strong relationships with clients and colleagues at all levels. While the client comes first in our profession, we also believe in maintaining a sensible work life balance.

“At DSK Legal, I have gained tremendous exposure and confidence in handling matters. The seniors are very supportive and approachable. The work environment is very friendly and conducive for the growth of a young Advocate like me. I like the fact that my seniors encourage me to read up on the law and the latest developments made therein to enrich my knowledge and make me a better and complete lawyer.”

‘It has been a great learning experience working at DSK Legal. The good thing about DSK is that it gives its people the space to grow and independence to practice and specialize in the areas of their interest.”

“In my legal career of 5 years, I have worked with a boutique law firm as well as one of the largest national firms; I strongly feel that DSK has given me the best experience so far. I have had unique opportunity to work on a wide array of corporate transactions spanning debt to equity. Also, I have been at the negotiation table with a lead role which instilled in me the ability to take quick but carefully thought decisions on matters to accomplish my client’s goals. I think that DSK Legal offers the best of both a boutique and a large law firm.”

“Since joining DSK Legal in June 2008, I have had a number of pleasant experiences here. The work atmosphere is one of the best when I compare it to what my peers tell me about their work places. Work at DSK Legal is conducted in an extremely professional manner. Further, the quality of work and experiences that go therewith too have been good. Out here you learn to take responsibility at an early age. Working at DSK is very interesting as the scope of work is very broad thus not allowing monotony to settle. My seniors too are very experienced and approachable at any time.”

“While interning at DSK during my final year in college, I realized four things, which according to me, were and still are important consideration for joining a law firm after college –

  • Variety of work which helps in ascertaining interest in a particular area of work;
  • Seniors who could and were willing to help me learn during the first couple of years;
  • Good reputation and ‘brand name’; and
  • Friendly work atmosphere.”
  • “As a first job, one wants to be placed in a firm that can give one exposure to multiple fields of law and further be placed with lawyers who can train, guide to excel and develop skills that will benefit one’s career. DSK Legal is known as a premiere law firm in India recognized for its excellence in various fields of law and having eminent lawyers as partners. It was an easy choice!”

    “The most endearing quality about DSK is that it time and again gives you a great amount of exposure in almost all aspects of the legal profession, to name a few, independently interacting with clients, offering guidance and providing training to eventually achieve solutions for clients which are practical and within legal parameters. Another important aspect of DSK is that due to partners having expertise in various fields of law, you invariably get exposed to a number of fields and are not restricted to any one particular field unless you choose to be. To sum up, DSK is a place where one not only gets an opportunity to grow as a lawyer but you are constantly encouraged and motivated to put in your best, which consequently enables you to always be on a progressive career path.”